The Weekend Warriors Home Improvement Show

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The Weekend Warriors Home Improvement Show broadcasts every weekend across 17 radio stations in the Great Pacific Northwest! We're offering inspirational and informative entertainment. With over thirty years of combined experience in the building industry, Tony and Corey are true weekend warriors, working on their own projects and solving problems around their homes every day. If they can’t answer your questions, they definitely won’t have any trouble finding someone who can! Tony and Corey bring in professionals from nearly every aspect of the building industry to talk about new products and trends, as well as offering new perspectives and providing the motivation you need to bring those ideas to life. It’s an interactive show, so feel free to visit us on Facebook to ask questions, make comments or share renovation stories. Listen, laugh and be inspired! Website:
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Latest Episodes…

  1. 2019 in Review

    Tony and Corey recap the top projects from 2019. tips and Tricks they used to complete various projects over the last year. ...


  2. Habitat for Humanity

    Tony and Corey talk to the folks at HFH. Whether shopping at the restore for discounted building materials or donating your time at the jobsite helping to build a home for a less fortunate but well deserving family, HFH needs your help. ...


  3. Beat the Cold without Breaking the Bank

    It's easy to reach for the thermostat when the weather turns cold and that can be expensive. Tony and Corey list ways you can keep your home warn and cozy during the winter months and conserve energy at the same time. ...


  4. Gift ideas for the Weekend Warrior

    Tony and Corey list some great gift ideas for the Do It Yourselfer in your life. From essential tools to dream tools, they cover everything you might want or need. ...


  5. Amateur Tiny Home Builders

    Tony and Corey talk to a couple dudes that built 2 Tiny Homes and then moved on to convert a bus into a tiny home with wheels. ...