The Weekend Warriors Home Improvement Show

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The Weekend Warriors Home Improvement Show broadcasts every weekend across 17 radio stations in the Great Pacific Northwest! We're offering inspirational and informative entertainment. With over thirty years of combined experience in the building industry, Tony and Corey are true weekend warriors, working on their own projects and solving problems around their homes every day. If they can’t answer your questions, they definitely won’t have any trouble finding someone who can! Tony and Corey bring in professionals from nearly every aspect of the building industry to talk about new products and trends, as well as offering new perspectives and providing the motivation you need to bring those ideas to life. It’s an interactive show, so feel free to visit us on Facebook to ask questions, make comments or share renovation stories. Listen, laugh and be inspired! Website:
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Latest Episodes…

  1. House plants

    Tony and Corey talk to Erin Harding creator of Cleverbloom and author of the book "How to raise a plant and make it love you backl" Erin give great tips on how to choose and care for house plants as well as the benefits of having plants in your home. ...


  2. Building a Deck

    Tony and Corey talk about things to consider when building a deck. Designing your deck, rules and regulations that you need to follow, choosing the materials you want to use. Visit us at ...


  3. Last Minute Summer projects

    Tony and Corey share a list of projects you can/should do around your home before the sun is gone and the rain and snow are here. They will also be talking about the projects they want to get done at their own homes. For more tips like these visit ...


  4. Moving tips

    Tony and Corey share their moving experiences, both good and bad! Tips on how to plan a successful move from one home to another. Pitfalls to avoid and things you can do to make the process shorter and sweeter! For more tips like this visit ...


  5. Curb Appeal

    Tony and Corey list ways to improve the Curb Appeal of your home. Projects that give you the best return on your money and projects that give your home it's best oppoortunity to be sold fast and bring you the best offers! For more tips like this visit ...